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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CET

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it's about most of them. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us in the inspired by distinctive instagram or zz. d.w. story topic each week on instagram. the question of the day on kickoff life is where am i from bolivia showdown the
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former. me killing then you know and then book. and how do i escape the place that i'm for all. even if you don't come from a good barrier you always have people who support you and believing this so i'm by and world championship robots hang off as us some answers to the most important questions in life. you always follow you or your dream and work hard because. that was all but the upper munching got back shares his fifty cents is well. that's. a new even seen by one of the new but i don't know now he's going to everything he needs. until then has a new but not the belgian native aims to be even better than his predecessor. was more of a dream trio is really united on the pitch in don't know and we want to this was a long time in. finally there but now let's say from crescent you're on.
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even if you don't come from the area you always have people coming for leave. good morning or late for me to read. my latest critical pick up life here in munich to talk to the world champion who is also part of a dynasty. that one of these guys someone out. there with. is going to make. he's a fashion icon and sneaker hey i have my own style and i don't care what people say . oh glass is. probably going to. make these friends with.
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you always follow your dream where call the. so. you consider one of the great sense of the world thank you. before it got to the point of this picture here very young. very young. to all. brothers. did you ever think when you were young would get to this
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point. this is a. situation where you think. oh i want to. i think. you always follow your dream and work hard of course doesn't happen. you have to be a point when you get the chance you have to. always tells me and plays baseball that tells me you know if you stay ready you don't have to get ready yeah . your brothers. fight for young football.
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what was my. important things to do. when i started to play for what was very young but then when i got to the club and there comes an age like thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen years your friends they want to go all day and i want to have. goods. sold but this is the time you have to focus you have school you have to perform. teams so if you want to come through especially the point you have to work on your things i would say just even if you don't come from a good area you always have people who support you and believe in you. from the market to the artwork. now we're going to have to start with it because i saw a young version of jerome a ok know purely yeah yeah you know it started when i was
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sixteen seventeen years old and i was with my two older brothers and they say oh yeah today we get it we all do the same to we don't ask your mom because she was you know what we just go in. and i was like ok let's do it so we all went and we all do the same put so we did the effort right. i read somewhere that you've never been to god or africa is that still i would i been to africa. they go do some. i bet and with my dog. would my family members. in two thousand and eleven jerome scored a break. in welcome twin daughters to the world. after the goal used for. the goals you daughters always say you have to score.
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so how has fatherhood changed. changed my whole life when your daughter was your you were complete the whole day changed for you it's a lot to both you and how you feel and when they were born it's a completely new situation and you grow more and more relaxed and if you all tried to be and i had to. of course sometimes you also have to say don't do this it's not right and stuff just both i always wanted to be a young father and very proud of them right but it's like i have a side and a daughter it is completely different addresses like it's like. you promise to. keep doing. what. that's what i thought of that because a kid that we're going fast. two weeks ago my daughter when i picked her up from
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school she's like calling on guys and i'm like hey i know. you can fight. came by looking at my watch so might want to take my meals out all of a. loving father who has graced the cover of a magazine. a lot of guys with wesley hold their with their creative work their way so what i try to do my own way. it was interesting for me when i was injured i had a hard time that i had the time to create my own glasses. might. try things i don't care what people say this picture here this picture is kind of crazy are you addicted to shoes like these would be on my system
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a mother always told me you can open. it started when i was thirteen or fourteen years old and i started all i want to have them in different columns and then all the right stuff read it like a true son will sneak the last pair of shoes you bought over the. question. well the night you don't have to. love him. the clinic. is going to. make another kid next to theirs across the pond with him. talking about this relationship like how did it start and what is the relationship a lot of people don't are kind of confused about the world. i was with my old management and we had to make a corporation question the nation work with them and dressed for school with my old man. and we met the people from world nation we talked what was possible to do in
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the us marketing and stuff. and i was able to match what was that like meeting it was amazing. it's a dream to take one of the biggest stars in the world. i come. you know it was very interesting well soul. was like i talked to a friend i told them. i have futuristic they call you and that's everything yeah you go anywhere with old like you know. if you're very very up call them and like a family member. from cool and. i took the whole management for me it's all the information cool so favre jay z. nine and i'm. going to watch.
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you all be part of a dynasty here by. thoughts about the upcoming world cup well of course always before the world called you're excited it's like the biggest tournament in full force i'm excited it's coming few months you know of course we try to win of the game but it will be very hard but we have a good young team good mix wolf young player and a little bit all the playoffs all i'm really looking forward. moving on from buy ins veteran defender let's check out don't mince brand new strikeout machine that's why. you'll.
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come to. me she but she was. will he stay or will he go to him and only have him on line from chelsea until the end of the season the twenty four year old was born in brussels belgium will he become don't miss new superheroes. for more but money we've all been surviving but who is me she bats why exactly. his parents moved to belgium from congo. let's have a look at him up close and personal. machine. it all began and yes belgium i mean she has a good. looking good mission. really. he
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started out to stand on the edge where he stayed for six years they've been champions in the belgian league ten times but why his little brother aaron also plays football species next stop was must say maybe she has a. ship in this french seaport that's why i grew to be a much softer strikeout and international player. oh and he also has a twin sister who is a model. for the. q. twenty fifteen the batsman made his international debut for belgian. and with the belgian national team he has lots of fun.
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up to two years in my sights he headed to chelsea she has a. thirty nine million euros a record transfer from a site. what else is a fan of sponge bob. and dragon ball. right mission. so now i want to do with. me she has to. be this year. since day one but why has had to hurry to the dome and fans that he can be a new and better about his predecessor obama young did it pretty well and left behind large shoes to fill. that position opened up the she was that's
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a sweeping the rescue. scene since the movie a community is his home was what it's for to be combined with community that's. going to compute. most of those who. will try stay in during the oval his journey continue. and have a new back these three in its starting line up marion andre shows up among the royce. state twenty three top men who first mentioned. i think the guy. writes secured three
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points what's amazing is a good feeling we're very good friends and. we wanted this fall a long time and now it's finally there and now we have to get healthy and then play together like like we used to. it was the first time together and darkman starting line up three close friends. we knew each other from the youth league level because we were all roughly the same age and then on the german national team we all met again that's where it happens is you know. his i. think it's unsure that transferred to dortmund in the summer of two thousand and sixteen it was a dream come true for the palace all three playing for the same team yeah i know it's true she goes through it's a really great feeling for the national team we always used to joke that we might all end up at the same club one day when none of us really thought it would ever happen office because most often wouldn't but then it took another year and a half until they were all in the same starting line up in football that seems like eternity. as for andre surely he's had
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a streak of bad luck during his time in dortmund countless injuries repeatedly held him back his self-confidence and fitness were in danger but now that's changed after confidence and after the trust from the manager that's that's all you need because if you're not on the pitch you can't can't play good and so now i want to or i want to give everything i want to play i want to have fun and at the moment i'm in the good form soft to keep it and look forward to having this my all good so i missed a lot of matches in the meantime know he's on the right track to being in top form . and to move up most would have told us that once you get back in the rhythm of playing and it helps to get back in shape and photos i think it's important for every player to trust himself. his fitness to really get back to one hundred percent so by the way marco roy's finally completed the trio after being injured for nine months right away he's back in the game his goal against clock back was
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his first in two hundred seventy four days what credible feeling i mean are. you friends or marvin we were always happy to be on the pitch together which haven't been the case too often. or today that was the case and i think we did really well. you know. even if there's still room to improve the whole misty. finally the three tales of hardship have found a happy ending the best friends are reunited on the pitch and all three have big plans for the future with germany at the world cup and if all goes well with so i've been in the champions league. now through a man who's a fighter with a soft side. and struggled at the end of her as she mentioned blood. but they are happy as can be that wasn't always the case.
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tony assured on this from when i. make you know and then you know and then perforce i get america. his story started with poverty and. more and. it's a story full of struggles and desperation. that's simply. an even simpler one of the mia but i don't do not but it's also a story with an incredible happy ending. to this i think if. anything it is for the people even in the interim maybe god. what happened to raul above idea who helped him on his wife's or stardom and how did this tiny boy become a footballing beast. a search takes off in argentina's capital but an aside as it may look like it's all sunshine and tango but for many life in the city is
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a struggle oh my god it's not such. an honor to some of my being popular. but the little boy had big dreams and knew that football was the way out. on the whole john wayne i'm not you. know grew up a die hard fan club talents like diego maradona played in a youth team until one day. you will be cool with us if it is it's your get on with the people you know then you're not being for this you. thankful for the use of the family. and you know fun with bookish so you all can be you know what i mean be disappointed kid needed help and found it at
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a local football camp the coaches fed him more than just knowledge. you know. and then say hello when he. regained his confidence thanks to good coaching and regular meals. in the. improving what i'm. going to go and. sealing it in torment you know. in a small miracle occurred the place his favorite team's biggest rival bank in a challenge. champions were desperate to sign him up so they could sell it was something special for.
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me. because. i mean. you know the get go this is. what i want. you know. to use tournaments in europe an offer from paul. he had it just once a lens but it wasn't quite what he expected. in your group and. i don't see near an indication no clues go in the face of completely awesome. place such a gift from that we would have known for nearly all my. you for your community loose on the painted. tone of the issued on this home on the. make you know even if you don't read before so i get. through that eventually got his big move to the
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many pundits late get. that. idea left fights out he has his grandfather's tattooed on his chest to give him strength. gentle cool clear nice and neat mall cheeky dovish the things that are kind of a mic with. my family but i don't. know the muscle on me feel but i think of them. not a whole lot of them look what i'm. thinking. now and i would pull the idea is a proud father himself of his little boy no i got me as.
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the new number son into. he lived to save you a look oh no you know what i need to get and i need he hopelessly deal enough. money into. poverty and hunger to become a footballer not only ball but the fights. so what its worth. all stars don't only know how to kick a ball drop a sap kick off life present some secret talent.
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and say goodbye here's a wrap from grease phantom papa. the
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result. is right here it competes in the pause in the pipe so bucky should complete the game this descent from the back of my seat but most people. don't see it. what luck which part of you going to. move. move move. move move move move. move. move. move move move. move move move. move move. move move move.
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move. move move move move move. move. move move. move move move. move move move. move. smaller. car culture. car hair. superman. superfood. stronger color code let oh there's. a large style you're all. good. to. feel. comfy burst a good shake returning tending snooze
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a few pain with this amazing fake news backpack used for no us needs really don't know where. to from to turn to your most favorite bands. i'm coughing maybe a little of that has to do so for me let. me take it personally. with all of the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans all. the more than football on line this is a devotee of country not somebody and let's go right to our correspondent who is in central istanbul i'm joined by the shellac up thirteen of his political correspondent on those stories in just
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a minute but first this news just gets moved up the perspective closer. to. climate change. waist length pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our farm and for the birth it's up to us to make a difference let's in scotland each other. people in the farming magazine. long d.w. . and why. venture out. a trip by airplane seventeen thousand kilometers in six weeks the breathtaking landscapes the
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book for the experience a. touching story. of this is our home as god's country of her who lives in the other better place seventy thousand dollars through canada starting february twenty seventh. german chancellor angela merkel has condemned the syrian government bombing campaign of eastern. since sunday an estimated three hundred people have been killed in a relentless aerial bombardment of the rebel held damascus suburb the german chancellor said the syrian gov.


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